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A School Designed for the Future

Wayfinder Christian Academy is an independent Christian high school that is adapting to our changing world. We are not afraid to ask the hard questions and make the necessary changes to education. Our students will face all sorts of challenges in the future and are already adapting faster than our current education system. We are not content to maintain the status quo. There are considerable challenges to our schools nationwide now and in the future, and some of the issues are centered at the core of the organizational structure and administration practices. Wayfinder Christian Academy has taken a deep look at challenges that schools face in order to create a better system that is adaptable and can truly meet the needs of students in the future. We have aligned our academic program with the future needs of our students and have intentionally focused on creating a culture that embraces who our students are and who they can become. We have high standards for our students and our staff. Because of these expectations, staff development is as essential to our planning as is our academic program. Teachers who are continually learning and growing alongside students are better mentors. We believe that our students can change the world, and we also believe that we have a responsibility to create the best educational environment possible for them to reach that goal. Wayfinder Christian Academy is committed to providing a Christian environment where students feel safe to explore, take risks, and challenge the status quo. We want change-makers who have the confidence and capabilities to do the seemingly impossible.


As a non-profit company, the Wayfinder Christian Academy
Board of Directors adopts a corporate governance model that provides strategic direction, mentorship, and accountability.

Our Board is a highly collaborative team, bringing together a wealth of professional backgrounds, including education, finance, business, and technology. This diversity of experience and expertise enriches and supports our strategic planning and goal-setting processes, helping us stay true to our corporate mission: “Connect Community. Experience Faith. Innovate Learning. Effect Change.” The Board plays an invaluable role of keeping us accountable to our overall vision, direction and financial management of the school.


board members


The idea for Wayfinder Christian Academy came from a group of Christian entrepreneurs and businesspeople who saw the skills required of their employees in the future. While many in the education world speak of necessary 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication, often schools only add a temporary solution, such as a STEM program or media lab in an attempt to provide these skills. But a deeper understanding of business trends suggests that, along with the four core skills, students will also need: information literacy, media and technology literacy, flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, and social skills. The major shift that needs to happen in order to provide instruction that encompasses all these skills will require an overhaul of the educational system, including curriculum, culture, and prioritization of staffing and funds.

At the same time, this initiative has stayed committed to developing a school that emphasizes the value of a Christian environment, where strong relationships are of utmost importance. The board and staff desire that students understand their personal value through the lens of God’s vision for their life. Each person has their own God-given talents, and a Christian-school environment allows students to explore their own path. With mentoring, we know students can find an educational plan that works for their individual goals and passions and brings an inherent joy of learning.


Mission: Building a Bold Future, Centered on Values That Last

Wayfinder Christian Academy aims to become a sustainable, Christian educational community that works collaboratively to provide integrated experiential learning and discover God’s purpose and heart for each individual. We will engage authentically to serve the needs of our greater community and to strengthen partnerships that expand the Wayfinder Experience. We will stay true to our progressive education principles by continually adapting our educational program to meet the demands of the future. We will remain spiritually grounded by staying focused on Biblical truths and remain dedicated to the guidance of the Holy Spirit for daily and long-term decision making.


Though not officially affiliated with any particular Christian denomination, the leadership and staff of Wayfinder Christian Academy will be thoroughly committed to living a Christian lifestyle and promoting Christian community and faith practices. Policies, programs, and classes at Wayfinder Christian Academy will be rooted in Biblical truths and principles. Students will be encouraged to use the Bible to wrestle with life’s big questions.

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