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Is the only basis of student success

Based on assessment methods (quizzes, tests, homework, projects, etc.) One grade/entry is given per assessment.

Assessments are based on a percentage system. Criteria for success may be unclear.

Uses an uncertain mix of assessment, achievement, effort, and behavior to determine the final grade. May use late penalties and extra credit.

Everything goes in the grade book—regardless of purpose.

Includes every score, regardless of when it was collected. Assessments record the average—not the best—work.

Describes the process of learning and is one small piece of the full picture of student success

Based on learning goals and performance standards. One grade/entry is given per learning goal.

Standards are criterion or proficiency-based. Criteria and targets are made available to students ahead of time.

Measures achievement only OR separates achievement from effort/behavior. No penalties or extra credit given.

Selected assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, etc.) are used for grading purposes.

Emphasizes the most recent evidence of learning when grading.

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