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Our core philosophy that education should reflect the world after students leave our school means that much of our instruction is integrated and provides students an opportunity to practice these learned skills. Often careers that don’t require a college degree use advanced content, such as mathematics or physics, more often than a job that does require a degree. At Wayfinder Christian Academy, we believe that students should have unlimited opportunities for a balanced, future-minded approach to learning. Integrated classes allow us to offer both technical experience and academic content at the same time. Individualized Learning Profiles provide additional opportunities for students to concentrate on a pathway that fits their long-term goals and isn’t restrictive. By intentionally integrating L.I.F.E. skills into all curriculum and coursework, students develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, determination, and collaboration. These skills will serve them both in college and their careers and will better prepare them for productivity and success.

Additionally, we believe if a student can take a class and never use what they learned throughout the rest of their lives, then we haven’t done education right. Because of this belief, many of our classes are integrated in a meaningful context. Whenever possible our classes replicate real life where a multitude of skills are necessary for success. Sometimes skills are more effectively taught directly, so the Wayfinder Experience allows time for direct instruction when that meets students’ needs. Math is an example of a class that we intentionally teach independent of other classes, but also integrate throughout our labs and experiences as well. This gives students the best experience possible—a deep understanding of content, but also an understanding how to implement effectively in context.

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