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COVID Safety and Health

  • What will the 2020-2021 school year be like?
    Wayfinder Christian Academy is planning for in-class instruction 5 days a week, all day, unless stay-at-home order are enforced. Our class sizes are small enough and within large enough classrooms that we can meet all the recommended guidelines given at this time. All our class content is housed online in a best-in-class learning management system (LMS), so this means that our credentialed teachers can still monitor student work, facilitate classroom discussions, work on projects together, and assess student learning, even if students are required to stay at home. This allows us to take the instructional, monitoring, and tutoring responsibilities off parents’ plates and your student will receive a high-quality education regardless of what happens this fall.
  • Will there be in-person instruction this fall?
    Yes! We have been making appropriate adjustments in order to be able to still meet in person this fall to the greatest extent possible. Here is how we're working to guarantee we can open our facility this fall and still keep students and staff safe. 1. We are opening after Labor Day to give time for any possible county restrictions to be lifted and COVID spread to slow before we start meeting in person. 2. We are purchasing required safety equipment and supplies to meet the county and state health safety requirements. 3. We are limiting enrollment numbers so that students have more than the required social-distancing space available. Our facility has bay doors so we have sufficient ventilation and like-outdoor conditions to decrease virus spread. Because our education model is designed so that classes can meet in outside-of-classroom enviroments, we also have the capability of providing outdoor instruction when beneficial as well. 4. Our teachers and staff always put students' needs first. Because of this, we are willing to be adaptable and flexible so that we can give students the best education possible. We believe students should have daily support while doing their work. While we have the capability of doing online work to ensure that student receive continuous educational services regardless of our constantly changing guidelines, we believe that students need daily face-to-face support. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our students are successful and have the highest level of academic support on a daily basis.
  • Is Wayfinder Christian Academy accredited?
    All Wayfinder Christian Academy courses meet or exceed California and Common Core standards, including A-G Course requirements. Wayfinder will be seeking accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • What extracurricular activities are offered?
    One of the core practices at our school is that we partner with students and parents to create an educational pathway that fits the students' long-term goals and interests. We believe that student voice matters. While our core classes have a bit less flexibility because we meet California college admission standards, all extracurriculars are designed around student choice. We believe that students should not limit their interests to the few sports, arts, or areas of interest that the school picks for them. Each year, the students themselves, with the support of mentor teachers, petition which extracurricular classes, programs, clubs, or activities are provided at Wayfinder Christian Academy. The students then become the leaders in those extracurricular activities. Wayfinder Christian Academy supports by providing vetted sponsors and program assistance when needed. NOTE: For the 2020-2021 year, many sports and other extracurricular activities will be limited because of COVID-19 guidelines. Wayfinder Christian Academy will work intentionally to still provide as much opportunity for student-led clubs and activities as possible while also abiding by state and county recommendations.
  • How does Wayfinder Christian Academy assess student achievement?
    At Wayfinder Christian Academy, we focus on student progress, mastery, and personal goal-setting. We track student growth and work with students to set personalized goals and monitor progress. Students earn grade-point averages (GPAs) and take standardized testing to align with college admission requirements and scholarship opportunities. Cumulative GPA is based on all coursework completed between grades 9-12. One additional point is awarded to honors classes. Students are not ranked.
  • How does Wayfinder Christian Academy ensure students are ready for both college and careers?
    We believe that students should meet state and college admission standards for graduation. We also think that providing student opportunities to develop career and technical skills sets them up for greater success in a lifetime. At Wayfinder Christian Academy, we do not believe college preparation and technical training are mutually exclusive. Our core philosophy that education should reflect the world after students leave our school means that much of our instruction is integrated and provides students an opportunity to practice these learned skills. Often, careers that do not require a college degree use advanced content, such as mathematics or physics, more often than a job that does require a degree. We believe that students should have unlimited opportunities for a balanced, future-minded approach to learning. Integrated classes allow us to offer both technical experience and academic content at the same time. Individualized Learning Profiles provide additional opportunities for students to concentrate on a pathway that fits their long-term goals and isn’t restrictive. By intentionally integrating L.I.F.E. skills into all curriculum and coursework, students develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, determination, and collaboration. These skills will serve them both in college and their career and will better prepare them for productivity and success.
  • Does Wayfinder offer tuition assistance?
    Wayfinder Christian Academy is committed to diverse learning and opportunities and that means ensuring that our student population is diverse and that everyone has an equal opportunity to a Wayfinder education. To meet those goals, Wayfinder has a flexible tuition program, setting tuition according to a family’s ability to pay. We believe all families have equal value in our community, regardless of what they pay. Families apply for flexible tuition through an online application on our website. All applications are evaluated by an outside third party for complete discretion. All families are encouraged to apply.
  • Is Wayfinder Christian Academy affiliated with a church or denomination?
    Though not officially affiliated with any particular Christian denomination, the leadership and staff of Wayfinder Christian Academy are thoroughly committed to living a Christian lifestyle and promoting Christian community and faith practices. Christian values will be incorporated throughout the curriculum, and students will be encouraged to use the Bible to wrestle with life’s big questions. Our open and supportive environment provides opportunities for students to share their experiences, discuss what they believe, and make life-long decisions about their faith.
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