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The Wayfinder Christian Academy Board of Directors has further defined the mission statement with the following core principles to remain focused on developing a Christian educational community that integrates authentic faith and experiential learning with purpose, heart, and innovation.

Our educational community will:


Connect Community. To create community, we will:

Seek and respect all voices of our community

Make decisions that promote the greater good of the
whole school community

Develop a sense of ownership in the school

Create a safe environment where everyone belongs

Work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment

Validate the experience, current understanding, and journey,
in learning and faith, of those around us

Encourage each other in love to grow stronger in faith and learning

Mentor and partner with each other and our community

 Engineering Class at School..jpg

Experience Faith. To experience faith, we will:

Reflect Christian values in our daily interactions

Wrestle with the big questions in life, faith, and the future,
guided by the Bible

Recognize and utilize our God-given gifts, purpose, and path

Carpenter with apprentice in training pe

Innovate Learning. To innovate learning, we will:

Develop meaningful skills and learn through context

Utilize perseverance and tenacity to solve real-life problems

Prepare for the workforce of tomorrow, rather than merely mastering content

Value innovation and rational risk-taking

Employ a high standard of professionalism and uplifting principles when we communicate (Philippians 4:8)

Develop observation, inquiry, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills

Use technology as a tool and support when it enhances the program


Effect Change. To effect change, we will:

Make decisions with confidence and lead through positive influence

Create measurable benchmarks and utilize data-driven research to improve objectives

Model true success and authentic service

Become agile, reflective, and responsive learners

Respect universal truths while pursuing progress and growth

Engage in work that is relevant to the community, the future,
and ourselves

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