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Wayfinder Christian Academy provides an innovative, experiential learning environment that fully integrates academic rigor and values that last. Students will need to know how to develop strong and healthy relationships, become analytical and creative thinkers, and have a strong work ethic to be successful in the future, so skills for life are embedded within all the experiences at Wayfinder. This prepares them to be confident leaders and engaged learners, ready for life beyond school.



A large portion of our budget is dedicated to makerspace, workshop areas, and media and science lab material. This is intentional because we believe students should be doing what they’re learning rather than just memorizing without context. We also believe faith should be engaging and collaborative and that service and ministry should naturally flow from a community that shines Christ’s love.


To prepare our students for the workforce of the future, we must provide a learning experience that is at the forefront of the shift in today’s educational needs. We also have to be ready to continually adapt to provide the best experiences that meet the demands of tomorrow.


Wayfinder Christian Academy believes that if faith isn’t integrated into everything we do, then we aren’t doing it right. When people come on our campus, they should feel welcome, loved and appreciated, where true service-oriented Christianity shines in our halls. While we have special opportunities where students are expected to search the Bible and find the Truth within, faith and Biblical truths are incorporated into every other class as well.


At Wayfinder Christian Academy we do not believe college preparation and technical training to be mutually exclusive. We believe that students should meet state and college admission standards for graduation. We also think that providing student opportunities to develop career and technical skills sets them up for greater success in a lifetime.

Connecting with students is our No. 1 objective as a staff.


Connecting with students is our No. 1 objective as a staff. To meet this goal, every student is assigned a mentor who will be there to support them as they grow and develop their own learning path. We maintain a 10-1 ratio so that mentors always have time to meet. As students progress, more and more independence will be given, so in preparation for this shift, mentors closely monitor skills such as time management, project development, and social skills necessary for success. The students and mentors then create personalized growth plans to ensure overall success while at Wayfinder Christian Academy.


The Wayfinder Experience has a team-building culture built into the core of its program. Students start their experience at Wayfinder Christian Academy with a bootcamp designed to introduce them to the unique team culture and experiential learning expectations they will encounter at our school. Most Wayfinder experiential learning trips are designed to offer team-building opportunities. Mentorship teams include all grades to promote whole-school community. All classes have collaboration opportunities and team exercises built into their design. Relationship-building skills and techniques are taught throughout our program.


Students getting real-world experiences is of utmost importance at Wayfinder Christian Academy. Community partnerships and apprenticeships expand the learning opportunities available to our students. We ask parents to help staff make connections in the community. This also means that these partnerships and apprenticeship opportunities will grow over the years and only enhance the Wayfinder Experience.


We believe that servant leadership starts at the top. As a result, the Wayfinder administration is structured upside down. At the top are students and their needs. Our teachers go above and beyond to help students achieve their goals and provide resources for excellence. Administration is at the bottom and happily works to support the teachers so they can effectively reach all students. They are also actively involved in student lives. All staff members contribute to all parts of the daily operations and administration of the school. Wayfinder believes that everyone can serve, and we expect all students to contribute to the school’s success and the greater Wayfinder community.

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