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Help for Parents Entering the New World of Homeschooling

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I'm sure for a lot of you this isn't the post you wanted to be reading this week. Social distancing, being home all day, and homeschooling your kids is a strange new experience for a lot of families.

We are educators who are homeschooling our four kids while working from home this year while we develop a new Christian high school in El Dorado Hills, CA. We wanted to create something to help our community as everyone is adjusting and trying to find a balance.

Travis has been a teacher and a principal for 13 years. I have my masters in Curriculum Design and have homeschooled for the last six years. Homeschooling wasn't our initial plan either, but we started when my oldest with dyslexia was struggling to learn to read and it just evolved from there. Some years our kids have been in traditional school and some years we homeschooled. We have grown to appreciate the time homeschooling has given us with our kids, but don't pretend to love every minute. Educating your kids isn't simple, easy, or always enjoyable, but you can do it. Today, we're providing a video just to make you smile and starting our series on How to Create a Family Schedule that Works for YOU! There's no right way to homeschool. We will share what works for us and help walk you through making a plan that works for your family too.

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